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Posted 10/10/2020 in Recipes

YOU LOVE PIZZA? Then You MUST Try This Crusty and Juicy Lahmacun Recipe + Easy BONUS Way w/ Lavash

Today we've got a very special recipe for you, as always! It's the number 1 street food in Turkey, the crusty delight, the one and only... LAHMACU

Those of you who visited Turkey in the past had probably had this beauty on their list of many things to eat while they were here, and if you did try it, I'm sure you miss the crunchy and juicy taste of it everyday!

So we thought we'd show you how to easily make it at home from dough to filling, and while we're at that, we added an easier way to make it with lavash or large tortillas to the recipe. We hope you enjoy today's episode!

Don't forget to leave a comment and let us know how your delicious homemade lahmacun turned out!

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