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Nutrition Station

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Sydney, New South Wales

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About Nutrition Station

Here at Nutrition Station we aim to inspire motivation within the consumers and develop lifestyle changes which promote a healthy regime.

We aim to learn about you, your background, your business insight and goals to ensure that we are just right for each other! Not only will you benefit from being a part of a business that is assisted with a qualified support team, but you will be situated within a company that is based on best practice hospitality management.

If you are considering that this is the right path for you, below we have provided a developed and inclusive process that will assist you in exploring our franchise opportunity and ensure all your questions and inquiries are met.


Passion for health and fitness: Here at Nutrition Station we aim to find people who are not only driven and passionate about starting their own business but people who have a desire for health and fitness. Essentially we want to attract specific clientele to our business and find committed Franchisee Partners to help it grow nationwide. We are also looking for partners with a knowledge and understanding about health and fitness and people who can also promote living a holistic, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Concrete business insight/experience: To own a franchise we are looking for Franchisees with broad experience in people management. We believe that having confidence and experience will allow for a successful franchise and enable us to build upon increased demands for high-quality food and services. Leading a department, managing a business and understanding our company and its values is essential.

Vision: Our aim is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. We are looking for franchise partners who are optimistic, have great attitudes and are willing to commit and put in long hours in order to allow their store to succeed. That’s why our vision, “Inspire motivation within the consumers and develop lifestyle changes which promote a healthy lifestyle” is not only important to our customers but our Franchisee Partners as well.

Leadership: Having pride in owning a business is very important to us. Our Franchisee Partners need to have the confidence to find young staff who are driven, hard-working and full of energy. NU aim to keep the same standard across all of our stores and want our Franchisees to provide the best training and show the best leadership to support and mentor their staff.

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