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Posted on 11/05/2017 in Cooking Equipment by HospitalityTrader

Control Freak - Sous Vide

Lilydale VIC 3140, Australia
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Should you be in control? Cooking accuracy has taken food preparation to the next level. Everyone knows me as the 'Sous Vide Guy' I have been singing the praises of low and slow accurate temperature cooking for near on ten years now. 

Sous Vide changed the way restaurants prepared food, identical production based on temperature control. Some critics lead us to believe that it took the skill out of cooking, they have clearly never used the technique. Cooking precisely means that you must know exactly what you are doing, recipes need to be honed and perfected, trust me, in 10 year I have seen some pretty average sous vide food.

But for those of us that persevered, low temperature cooking has transformed our approach to food and cooking. Imagine if there was a way to advance our sous vide knowledge to frying, imagine sous vide cooking without the plastic bag.... the Control Freak induction is the next step.

Accuracy at the stove top has only ever been a chefs dream. Speed and slight of touch on the stove top have always set the great chefs apart from the rest. A stove top with 1C accuracy from 30C-250C, that has instant responsiveness will change the way you understand cooking. The slightest move in temperature has enormous changes to the way food reacts. Heat has far more effect on food than time. When we control heat we control consistency and accuracy.

Email me to arrange your Control Freak, be the first to take control before someone else does.

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category Cooking Equipment
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Lilydale VIC 3140, Australia

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