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About Piedmont Action

Our principal Luis Garcia holds an MBA from the Australia Graduate School of Management (U.N.S.W.) together with qualification in Urban Planning, Real Estate License and Finance Brokerage License. He is a Past President of the Business Brokers Association of WA. During his time in the Business Brokers Association, he was instrumental in establishing the Business Multi List and Business Sales Evidence as well as drafting the "Appointment to Act", the "Agreement to Purchase a Business", and the re-drafting of the Constitution of the Business Brokers Association of WA.

Action Realty began operation in the early 80's concentrating on the sale of owner operated businesses.  In 1987 it merged with Piedmont Stone to become Piedmont Action. In that time, Australia has seen wide fluctuations in the economic environment ranging from deep recession to generational booms.  Few Business Brokerage Firms, operating in the present economic circumstances would have experience in having sold businesses when lending rates to purchase a business were as high as 22%.Piedmont Action has set a successful course throughout this time selling thousands of businesses in a wife range of fields. These include retail, liquor, motels, supermarkets, cafes & lunch bars, caravan parks, wholesale, canteens, laundries and so on. There are few businesses that we have not, at one time or another, brokered. Experience and success are tantamount to our very existence.

Every member of our Business Brokerage team has been a business owner operator themselves. This affords our Business Brokers a unique perspective of understanding the needs and motivation of business owners.  We are also able to offer a multi-lingual perspective on business.

In summary, we bring to the table:

  • Over 30 years experience in Business Brokerage.
  • Business Brokers with business experience.
  • High qualifications.
  • Wide network of clients.
  • Multi-lingual capacity.
  • A history of success.

Together, the experience of Piedmont Action's proven Business and Commercial background allows Piedmont Action to provide a superior service.

Whether you are looking to sell, buy, or lease your Business or Commercial Property, Piedmont Action is ready to go to work for you today.

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