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Posted 05/11/2022 in Food Machinery

IQF Freezing tunnel

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The latest IQF Freezing technology can help you keep your business ahead of the game. By innovating your processing lines, it becomes easier to manage, and perfect your business. With Octofrost’s latest IQF Freezing tunnel, there are numerous benefits you can take advantage of.

First, the unique aerodynamics guarantee excellent product separation, highly expedient freezing times, and excellent preservation of nutrients as a result. The airflow is controlled by frequency converters which further help you in adjusting it for maximum benefit. Vary airflow parameters according to your needs with the press of a few buttons. Easy to run, and excellent in every way, the Octofrost IQF Freezer sports a hygienic design that is difficult to match.

The unique, patented bedplate technology ensures you’re well ahead of industry food safety regulations, while the sloping surfaces and free-standing design of the freezer make maintenance a breeze. With our bedplates, it’s possible to continue processing even while cleaning them down.

For more information, please send us an email at info@octofrost.com or call +1 408 895 1401. The future of freezing is IQF, and the future of IQF freezing is Octofrost.


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