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Information Memorandums

Marketing Your Business to Sell.

What is an Information Memorandum (IM)?

Also known as a Business Profile, an IM is a detailed 10-25+ page document that fully explains your business to make it easier for buyers to understand. The simpler you make it for buyers to understand your business, the faster and more likely they will move through the sales process. This document contains everything they need to make a decision.

Having a good IM answers all the questions a buyer or investor has about the business and also has all the necessary documents to review. 

It breaks down all the numbers, operations, services, etc... into an easy to digest format for due diligence so interested parties can make an informed decision about going ahead with purchasing your business. 

An information Memorandum is a must for marketing business and franchises for sale.

What Information Is Included

Our IM's are custom prepared for each business and contains everything to present to buyers and investors. 

The format is professional, comprehensive and covers financials, marketing, operations, staff, location, and features of your business which is all highly detailed in the Information Memorandum and answers most questions potential buyers, investors and lenders want to know about the business for sale.

  • Detailed overview of the Business, operations, financials, adjustments, location, premises, staff, lease, risks, opportunities and potential, designed to appeal to buyers, lenders and investors.
  • Professional Presentation, Format and Charts.
  • You own the document and free to distribute to prospective buyers and business brokers.
  • Plus essential seller forms; Confidentiality Agreement, Heads of Agreement, Trial Sheet and List of Equipment.

How it Works

  1. Debrief: A 1-on-1 business debrief over the phone with us about your business to collect the information required for the IM.
  2. Draft: A draft is prepared for review usually within a few days, it may vary depending if we are waiting on further information. If you have changes, we complete them within 24hrs
  3. Delivery: After all checks and formatting is completed and you approve. We will send the final IM version in a PDF version for easy emailing.


Last updated: Nov 30, 2019 

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