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Posted on 01/03/2017 in Seminars by HospitalityTrader

Future in Foodservice 2017

The Australian Museum, Sydney 1 William St, Botany NSW 2019, Australia
Future in Foodservice 2017
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How will Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Genetic Engineering and Digital Disruption influence the kitchen of the future? What are the odds a 3D-printed steak will be served anytime soon at a restaurant? When are we likely to see delivery drones in Australia? What will the “Uber of the Foodservice Industry” be?

These are some of the questions facing the industry not just today, but years into the future. To answer these questions, leading market research and forecasting company Food Industry Foresight – in partnership with Fine Food Australia and Hello Foodservice – is launching an annual seminar to highlight, discuss and debate the new and emerging technologies and innovations that will arrive in kitchens and restaurants across the country in the future, and why that future could be sooner than we think.

Future in Foodservice

Renowned business futurist and keynote speaker, Craig Rispin of The Future Trends Group, and the Managing Director of Food Industry Foresight, Sissel Rosengren, will discuss the trends that are set to shape the kitchens of tomorrow at the Future in Foodservice 2017 seminar at The Australian Museum on Monday, April 3.

Rispin’s expertise is in emerging business, people and technology trends – and how companies can profit from them. His keynote speech and the seminar will dive into the future of the foodservice industry, covering innovation, technology and digital disruption that will, no doubt, have an influence on how people will work, what products they will provide and how these may help drive financial success.

Rosengren said the food industry of the future will look vastly different to what it looks like now, and while disruptive technologies and innovations might seem daunting to many, the industry must ultimately embrace them to progress – with the first step being to understand how the industry might use these emerging technologies and innovations to their advantage.

“Foodservice has always been a source of innovation exploring new flavours, cuisines, ingredients, cooking, serving and presentation methods,” said Rosengren. “But what about the bigger changes just around the corner driven by emerging technologies, digital disruption and our changing demographics? We wanted to take a look a bit further into the future to try to help the industry understand what is about to happen.”

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1 William St, Botany NSW 2019, Australia

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