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Posted 03/10/2020 in Expo

foodpro - Redefine the future of food 2021

Sydney Showgrounds Showground Rd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia
Start Date
Start Time
12:00 AM
End Date
End Time
12:00 AM
foodpro - Redefine the future of food 2021

Australia’s food sector is vitally important for our manufacturing future. 

What you do matters. Not just for our own industry, but the health of the entire country. foodpro is a celebration of the contribution of Australian food producers, distributors and manufacturers. 

It’s where the industry gathers to generate solutions that will take us towards a more sustainable world. We are here to redefine how we as an industry think about food, and predict how we’ll be eating in the future. 

foodpro is about creating, together.