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Thanks for your interest in being a content contributor for hospitalityTrader

We are seeking guest content submissions for our blog from passionate hospo’s, barista's, bussies, foodies, connoisseurs, restaurant owners, managers, industry experts, professionals and entrepreneurs from all corners of the world who have a story to share, a lesson to learn or nugget of real world advice that readers can apply in their life, business or career.

hospitalityTrader is the perfect vehicle to stand out from the crowd, raise your hospitality industry profile, build equity in your personal brand and further your career or business.

You might be on the front lines of hospitality, working behind the scenes, at the top of your game or starting out. That's Perfect! We would love to know more from your side of the counter.

Read further to answer some questions you might have and explain how all this works.

 Submission Guidelines 

What content & topics are we looking for?

The blog is ground level and being hospitality centric, we are looking for engaging and original articles, infographics, photos, podcasts and videos that our readers will enjoy, find useful and want to share on. We’re looking for the serious, scientific, sweet, sour, salty and bitter ‘Business Side of Hospitality’.


Our content categories are fluid and may change as the information grows;

  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Franchising
  • HR
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Money
  • Operations
  • People
  • Startups
  • Technology
  • The Trade
  • Tips
  • Trends

Guest Content Contributions

Feature Articles (500 - 1500 words) Short interesting 'original' articles, how-to's, checklists, case studies, survival guides to meaty tactical takeaways along with the right imagery, links or video, gives readers the complete picture and leaves little unanswered. It's all on the menu, the brief is open.

Infographics - Infographics are engaging and a great way of conveying complex information in an eye catching digestible format. When submitting infographics, please ensure it is recent and relevant data and in context of the hospitality audience. Include a short 200-300 word intro about the data to be included if published.

Open Content Contributions

Content contrbutors can freely publish any variety of member articles, photos, podcasts and videos.  You need to be a registered user, once you have signed in, you can create your profile and submit and manage your content. All content can be added and saved as a draft or published immediately on your microsite and corresponding content channels on hospitalitytrader

Member Articles - Content contributors can freely publish their own member articles on their microsite. Member articles are separate to the guest content contributions you might submit to us to review for publishing on the main site blog.

Photos - Share your hospitality story in pictures and share your food and culinary adventures. Once you have signed in, you can upload photos, create portfolios, add titles, captions, keyword tags and more.

Podcasts - Its an on-demand world of devices and audio is a great way to keep an audience entertained and informed on the go. Audio podcast must be hosted on SoundCloud. Once you have signed in, you can embed SoundCloud podcasts, add titles, intro, keyword tags and more.

Videos - Videos must be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. Once you have signed in, you can embed video, add titles, intro, keyword tags and more

What’s in it for me?

hospitalityTrader is the perfect vehicle to stand out from the crowd, raise your hospitality industry profile, build equity in your personal brand and further your career or business.

  • A home to share your expertise with our readers and raise your profile in the industry. An opportunity to set yourself apart with the hospitality trade.
  • A free microsite on hospitalityTrader with your profile, links to your social media and a place where you can call home to publish other member articles, announcements, press releases, photos videos and podcasts. This is your own content microsite and separate to content contribution you submit to us for review.
  • Guest contributions that are selected may be shared via hospitalitytrader.com, social media, newsletters and partner websites.

Are there any catches?

  • Guest content must be exclusive and not published elsewhere.
  • Guest submissions deemed advertorial, promotional, link building, spamy, fake or contain offensive, political and derogatory language will be rejected.
  • Guest content submitted to hospitalityTrader must be your own original work, plagiarism will be rejected.
  • hospitalityTrader reserves the right to edit guest articles, blog posts and images at our discretion. 
  • By submitting guest content, you acknowledge this and agree to our terms and conditions.

Getting started.

Submit your guest articles and infographic via email to content@hospitalitytrader.com in word format. Please include with your submission;

  • Feature image of at least 500x500 px. Please clarify if you own the copyright to the image or include the necessary credentials to validate your copyright use of the image in the content.
  • 150-300 word author profile, include certifications and credentials.  
  • Profile image of at least 200x200 px
  • Link to your website & /or twitter.

Start Here

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