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About Network Infinity

Formerly known as Infinity Business Brokers, Network Infinity came about when we changed our business to a franchise model that is unique to the industry. It is based around providing our clients with a wider audience by utilising our custom designed business model and software that has been developed specifically for Network Infinity and the business brokerage industry. 

We believe that there is no other company that can provide the service we offer, especially the strength we have when it comes to selling your business. 

Network Infinity is a marketplace for business brokers, buyers and sellers to work together to achieve their desired results. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, talk to us at Network Infinity.

How we operate is a closely guarded trade secret but it provides our clients the service they expect, we believe that we outsell all other brokerage firms based on number of agents employed to sales achieved and we have had countless compliments by stunned vendors who thought their business was unsellable due to their previous dealings with other agents, only to see us sell the business in a timely manner.

For years we have built a solid reputation in the industry as Infinity Business Brokers simply because we do our job WELL and treat each business as our own, we put the pressure of selling on our shoulders because we know that when you are looking to sell it is most often a situation where every day matters and you have made the choice to move on so we try to achieve you the sale ASAP.

Our company policy is to ensure that we do the best we can for our clients.

Always being honest and ethical has seen us succeed.

Why are we successful?

We constantly look at how we can improve our business which in turn helps us provide a better service to our clients.

We do not just list a business and let it sit there waiting for a buyer to stumble across it, we look at each businesses marketing success or failure regarding the enquiry levels and constantly look at ways that can help deliver a higher level of enquiries.

Our Database

Unlike other companies we do not boast about our large database numbers, instead we focus on having a relevant database of buyers who are on the market right now.

This is possible only by having regular communications with the buyers and knowing what they are looking for.

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Network Infinity
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