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The delivery-only ‘ghost restaurants’ set to revolutionise dining

The delivery-only ‘ghost restaurants’ set to revolutionise dining

New technology is cooking up change in the Australian restaurant business, with eateries opening purely to cater for the food delivery market.

Dubbed "ghost restaurants”, the outlets have no chairs and no tables - but plenty chefs waiting to fulfil customers’ every delivery demand.

One example is Sydney’s Indigo Double Bay restaurant which is open throughout the day for breakfast and lunch.

But at night, the outlet exists purely to cater to couriers, ready to drop off Modern Australian cuisine to hungry customers.

“It’s an exciting way to get great food delivered to the door,” Anthony Moustacas from Indigo told 9NEWS.

The ever-expanding food delivery market is valued at about $3.5 billion dollars, thanks in part to Deliveroo and UberEats.

The popular smartphone apps allows people to order and a variety of food from nearby locations at the touch of a button.

“It's really challenged the status quo of what delivery used to be.  People like that. They want to track their food, where it's coming, how far away it is,” Deliveroo Australian Manager Levi Aron said.

“This is something that we think will be growing for a very long time,” Mr Aron said.

Last year, the appetite for takeaway grew ten times faster than for dining in, with an estimated 333 million deliveries and pick-ups.

That is an estimated 14 orders per person, per year.

“The takeaway category has been in huge growth for quite some time. It peaked at around 11.5 percent between late last year and early this year,” Russell Zimmerman from the Australian Retailers Association said.

Mr Zimmerman success of the sector was largely due to its “sensible business model.”

“Staffing remains the biggest issue facing the hospitality industry. Taking table service out of the equation, though, delivers a boost in revenue.” 

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