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Test your emoji skills with the first menu using only WhatsApp emojis

Test your emoji skills with the first menu using only WhatsApp emojis

A creative spin keeping customers entertained. The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill (Described as a “flatshare pop-up) will run the specials menu throughout the summer, with guests placing orders via WhatsApp.

Owner Kamran Dehdashti came up with the idea of an emoji menu as a way of engaging with customers by encouraging them to work out what to order by deciphering carefully combined emojis.

The two course menu, which includes a cocktail, is just £15, ”if you can decode the deliciously wacky menu,” the restaurant notes, with dishes and cocktails spelled out with the emojis ranging from “easy to not-so-easy” to work out.

For example, its Yellow Door Punch is communicated via a yellow heart, a door, a house emoji and a punch.

“Buffalo chicken wings with crudités and blue cheese sauce, that takes a little bit of working out”, admits Dehdashti. “But that’s the whole point — it’s fun. Worst-case scenario, you can always ask the waiter.”

The menu itself is inspired by the ever-changing “house party characters, and their weird eating habits” of whoever happens to be living there at that time. Currently, the menu features American-inspired beef, chicken and vegetarian dishes.

The long-running pop-up has a history of embracing technology, taking all of its bookings by WhatApp when it first opened.

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