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Sydney's Addison Hotel is Australia's First To Provide Homeless Youth Safe Accommodation.

Sydney's Addison Hotel is Australia's First To Provide Homeless Youth Safe Accommodation.

The Addison Hotel will get young people off the street and into safe accommodation.

Using an empty building to house the homeless ... it is a pretty obvious idea but one that has never taken off in Australia.

For the first time, a vacant hotel just out of the Sydney CBD has opened its doors to young people who do not have a roof over their head.

The Addison Hotel in Kensington was destined to lie dormant for the next year while a development plan awaits approval, but the building owner saw an opportunity to accommodate those on the street.

The hotel will be a place of refuge for people needing crisis accommodation or just a safe place to live and study while they stabilise their circumstances.

Building owner TOGA is providing the 42 fully-furnished rooms, each with their own bathroom and kitchenette, revenue free and hopes other property owners follow suit.

Allan and Rebecca

PHOTO: The idea was brought to life by My Foundations CEO Rebecca Mullins and TOGA managing director Allan Vidor. 

Managing director Allan Vidor said there were many empty buildings across Sydney that could be immediately available to the homeless.

"We had this empty building sitting here and we thought there has got to be something we can do with it that will create some good," he said.

"Everyone deserves the opportunity to have housing."

"No single level of government or service can tackle youth homelessness — innovative solutions must be borne from innovative collaborations between public and private sectors. 

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