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Revamped Lansdown Hotel has pokies? - F*** That!

Revamped Lansdown Hotel has pokies? - F*** That!

The City Road hotel will start slinging schooners and counter meals again this Thursday , having sat vacant since the previous owners called last drinks in April 2015.

"This was supposed to be the pokie den" says publican Jake Smyth, drinking a lager in the back room of Chippendale's Lansdowne Hotel and adjusting his Newtown Jets cap. "But we said 'f--- that'. Now it's a space to drink beer with mates and have an awesome time. We're even having male and female go-go dancers in here for the opening weekend. We want this place to be a lot of fun."

Smyth and business partner, Kenny Graham, who also co-own Paddington's Unicorn Hotel and Mary's burger joint in Newtown, are determined to restore their new pub to the legendary live music venue it once was, where bands such as You Am I and The Living End windmilled guitars on a regular basis.

Food, music and big dreams for the new owners of the Lansdowne Hotel: Jake Smyth, centre, and Kenny Graham, right, with ...

The pair believe that giving poker machines the boot is essential to reach this goal.

"Pokies are one of the major reasons why live music has suffered in Sydney," says Smyth. "So how could we, in any good conscience, put in a live music room that holds 250 people upstairs and have pokies downstairs?"

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