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New ‘Made in Australia’ food labelling shows origin of products.

New ‘Made in Australia’ food labelling shows origin of products.

A new food labelling scheme is set to increase transparency for consumers choosing Australian products.

The mandatory labels will be enforced by the federal government from July 1 next year and use a bar chart to what percentage of the item is made locally.

“Customers can see whether the product was made in Australia, what proportion of the ingredients were Australian, and they can see that straight away when making their purchase decisions,” Martin Squire from the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science told 9NEWS.

Fruits and vegetables, nuts, spices, fish and meat will all require to display the labels.

Some products, including confectionery, snack foods, soft drinks, bottled water and tea and coffee, will be exempt from the changes.

Imported products will also be clearly identified.

“(It gives) a bit more influence for the people with the spending power to choose locally grown produce,” David Jochinke from the Victorian Farmers Federation said.

The change of packaging, already being rolled out by some companies, will come at a cost for more than 14,000 businesses.

“As long as the labelling laws work for small businesses I think it's a great thing for consumers,” Aunt Maggie’s organics worker Wayne Ferrell said.

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