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Five reasons you need to add Speedibake to your next order.

Five reasons you need to add Speedibake to your next order.

Speedibake for Busy Australian kitchens  

Tip Top Foodservice’s popular Speedibake range has proven itself an invaluable addition to commercial kitchens, with on-trend offerings, flexible formats and simple serving options. The quick to table pre-baked breads are a complete solution to foodservice needs.

The range, which includes popular bread styles such as Turkish, ciabatta and sourdough, comes in a variety of formats suitable for gourmet lunch rolls, decadent pre-dinner antipasto, large scale catering offerings and relaxed breakfast spreads.

The experts at Speedibake recognised the need for a flexible and simple to prepare bread for busy Australian kitchens and developed a range that is not only versatile and convenient but good for your bottom line too. When placing your next order, here are five reasons you need to add Speedibake to the list:

Sourdough Round Lunch Roll

  • It’s economical: Use only when needed, the products can be stored safely in the freezer for up to 12 months.
  • It’s flexible: Thaw and serve immediately or flash-bake for only minutes to achieve a just-baked aroma.
  • It’s versatile: Cover all meal occasions in one order: including breakfast, lunch, dinner or all day sharing.
  • It’s diverse: Choose between two styles of bread – Rustic and Classic
  • It’s simple: Add Speedibake to your existing order nationwide through foodservice distributors

                 Contact your local foodservice distributor to order.

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