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Fitzroy Hotel - Closed due to lack of Customers!

Fitzroy Hotel - Closed due to lack of Customers!

ICONIC Windsor pub The Fitzroy Hotel has closed its doors, eight months after owners Jennie and Philip Young purchased the lease from previous long-term owners Rebecca and Troy Mifsud.

The Youngs, who live in Beecroft, ceased trading on Monday, and placed their business, Mesh Hotels Pty Limited, into voluntary liquidation following insolvency.

Mrs Young blames a lack of people coming to Windsor, and told the Gazette she thought Hawkesbury Council should take charge of the problem.

“Sadly, it’s true. Admittedly we had the odd good night, but it wasn’t consistently good trading,” Mrs Young said.

“There just doesn’t seem to be the people [in Windsor] and the rent is really quite high. It’s very sad because it’s a bit of a Windsor icon.

“This year is actually its 165th birthday and we were hoping to do some celebratory activities. However the bills were just piling up and the people were not coming in in sufficient numbers to sustain the expenses.

“We have some regular customers who are just wonderful - very loyal - but you have to be able to pay your bills, you have to be able to pay your staff, and it reached the point where we don’t feel that we can do either based on the revenue we get, based on our patronage.”

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