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Posted 28/09/2020 in News

Every Tuesday is now #TakeawayTuesday

Every Tuesday is now #TakeawayTuesday

Restaurant & Catering Australia (R&CA), in partnership with Entertainment, Unilever Food Solutions and some of Australia’s most high profile food industry personalities, have united to ask the Australian dining public to support their local restaurants, cafes, eateries and artisan food producers that have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 restrictions.

#EatAloneTogether moves to #TakeawayTuesday to support the hospitality industry. 

To help hospitality industry grow demand for takeaway and delivery, and to supplement their reduced dine-in businesses, we have evolved #EatAloneTogether into #TakeawayTuesday – encouraging all Australians to place an order every Tuesday in support of local restaurants and casual dining. 

On Tuesday 19th May we asked Australians to support the #EatAloneTogether movement by ordering takeaway or delivery from their favourite local restaurants and cafes. We were overwhelmed as thousands of Australians ordered takeaway or delivery and shared their dining experience with the hashtag #EatAloneTogether. Takeaway Tuesdays will continue to encourage Australians to support their local restaurants and cafes who still need support!

Get started by promoting #TakeawayTuesday to your customers. Use this simple downloadable toolkit. 

The #TakeawayTuesday Restaurant Tookit: Social Media Assets including images, GIFs and videos. An email template. A printable poster for your restaurant. You can also create your own content to promote #TakeawayTuesday, so get creative!