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Easily Create Candle-lit Ambiance in your Restaurant with Rechargeable Tea Light Candles

Easily Create Candle-lit Ambiance in your Restaurant with Rechargeable Tea Light Candles

The look and feel that you create in your restaurant is one of the most important elements in achieving the experience you want your customers to have. And lighting plays a vital role in this aspect.

Studies show that low lighting puts customers at ease, and this in-turn leads to a higher spend per customer.

Undoubtedly the easiest way to create low light ambiance in your restaurant is by using candle light. But don’t leave your lighting to chance by using unreliable paraffin oil or wax candles on your tables, by using rechargeable tea light candles you will provide the perfect low light candle ambiance at all times.

There is nothing worse then going to a restaurant, being seated at your table and the candle isn’t lit. And what can make this matter more annoying is that the server may not even re-light or replace the candle, so now your customer has to ask the server for this to be done so that they can have an enjoyable dining experience.

This can easily be avoided by seating all of your guests at tables that will definitely have lit candle light on their table that won’t go out by using our commercial quality rechargeable tea light candles. They are so easy to use, that once you turn them on you can literally forget about them until the end of the night when you collect them and turn them off, no refilling, no replacing, no messy oil or wax and no burnt out candles mid way through service!

Set your restaurant up for candle lit ambiance success with rechargeable tea light candle sets of 12 from Candles Recharge Australia today!

flameless rechargeable tea light candles for restaurants, bars, hotels

Got product questions? Call or email Danielle today, and speak with someone who has specialised in helping restaurants achieve perfect candle lit ambiance since 2007.

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