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Drinking Trends in Australia

Drinking Trends in Australia

Cheers to the weekend – or cheers to any time for that matter! Australians have always been known to enjoy a drink – to the tune of 7.9 billion standard drinks a year in fact – with 71% of adult women and 82% of adult men saying they’ve consumed an alcoholic beverage in the past four weeks. But that doesn’t mean we’re a nation of cheap beer guzzlers – quite the opposite.

Higher discretionary household income and changes in perceptions of health and well-being have shifted the market towards spending more on booze, whilst actually drinking less. This shift parallels other trends in the industry, which has seen consumers demanding more unique and premium experiences from their drinks and drinking options, with a willingness to pay top dollar for them.

Consumer demand for alcoholic products perceived as handmade and artisan is being reflected not only in sales (craft beer is forecast to grow at an annualised 8.4%) but also in the expectation of an ‘experience’ when dining and drinking out. As a result, many establishments are changing their tap offerings to cater to this demand, and it’s change that is reflected in industry – there are currently 150 small craft breweries operating nationwide, and small cider production is estimated to increase 11.4% to total $309.7mil in the next year.

The same trends can be linked to our nation’s growing boutique wine and craft spirits sectors, both of which are experiencing increasing demand alongside the ongoing popularity of craft beer.

With consumer and market trends driving the industry, Australia’s on-premise liquor sector is becoming increasingly competitive, resulting in the launch of the country’s new event dedicated solely to the on-premise liquor industry – Commercial Drinks Show.

Launching in September, Commercial Drinks will co-locate with Fine Food Australia, providing anyone within the on-premise liquor industry a never-before offered opportunity to focus 100% on growing their business at a dedicated show.

Industry players looking for new and interesting solutions across bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, licensed cafes, hotels and accommodation, distributors, wholesalers, importers and exporters, can expect to find the newest and best options in one place, and those in attendance will benefit from the 20,000+ strong foot traffic consistently delivered by Fine Food Australia.

Check out Australia's only dedicated Event for the On-Premise Drinks Industry

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