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Das Hund Haus - WIN your very own bar!

Das Hund Haus - WIN your very own bar!

Night after night, day after day, you stand there, pulling beers, making coffees, mixing cocktails or cooking and creating an awesome meal that your customers rave about.  

Dream!... the same dream during each service, the dream that one day you will have your own business, operate your own show and generate the accolades that you finally deserve and not for someone else!

Coin!... The usual hurdle, saving, finding capital, sourcing a location of a great business can be elusive and difficult. When you have energy, passion, desire in the hospitality game, purchasing your own business is more than just buying yourself a job.  It's your opportunity to finally shine, and take charge of your own future.  

Answer!...  James Sneddon.  Successful owner/operator of Das Haus Hund.  With a wealth of hospitality knowledge, entrepreneurship, hard work, dedication and identifying a niche in a seaside township of Newcastle. Who knew a German Bier Garden was needed.  He did and that's why all in Newcastle relish Pork Knuckles, BratWurst, Shnitz, and Biers!  CHEERS!

Das Hund Haus

Like many successful operators, a calling to start and fulfill a new passion and opportunity has arisen. James and his friend and manager Scott have done a commendable job in establishing a very profitable business that has been entertaining the community for just over 3 years.  All entrepreneurs relate! Heck, that's why you're in business in the first place and not working for the "Boss".  You roll your own way, seize the day, live your own way!

But!... instead of going through the boring process of hiring a business broker, owner James Sneddon says he was inspired by a promotion he had seen last year.  “I saw that island resort raffle last year, and that got me thinking that people would probably want to win a  bar,” says Sneddon. “So I thought, it was an innovative way to sell this venue".

James says "Newcastle is a massive beer and craft beer town, so running a bier café is a pretty sweet and very prosperous deal."

“It’s fun seeing people’s excitement." People are like, ‘Yes, let’s win the dream!’ It’s fun to open the door for them.”

The prize is a pretty sweet one, $25 gets you an entry to everything you need to build your own bar dream:

  • The lease
  • Inventory and Stock – The alcohol on hand will be less than 20 litres
  • Plant and equipment
  • Bond
  • Legal fees on transfer of property completely unencumbered.
  • $30,000 cash
  • Seats 130
  • Courtyard area seats 90
  • Eight taps of German beer like Lowenbrau, Hofbrau, Franziskaner, Paulaner, plus others
  • German food – the specialty is pork knuckle
  • Low staff requirements

It's open to all entrepreneurs, business dreamers, and wannabe hospitality traders. It's time to step up and grab the opportunity to own your own business with an affordable chance.  There's really no excuse!


For the full T&Cs, check out the website here.

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