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Cafes and restaurants to lose as white prawn disease wipes out stocks

Cafes and restaurants to lose as white prawn disease wipes out stocks

A fatal disease outbreak devastating the Australian prawn industry is set to strip $24,000 from the annual profit of cafes and restaurants on average. 

  • Australian cafes and restaurants are set to lose 25 per cent of net profits
  • The projected loss comes as prawn supply is ravaged by white spot disease  
  • Restaurants have been forced to hike prices or even take prawns off the menu
  • Trawlers are searching for new deep-water species to try and match demand

Prices have skyrocketed after the highly contagious disease - known as white spot - infected seven prawn farms in southeast Queensland, causing an estimated clean-up cost of $40million.

The government imposed a ban on most raw prawn imports and spent up to $9million attempting to eradicate the disease. 

Trawlers are now being forced to search for obscure deep-water species off the Western Australian coast to try and keep up with demand, according to The Sunday Telegraph.  

But Australian cafes and restaurants have already been hit with price increases of more than 100 per cent, which could devastate the industry, Restaurant and Caterers Australia have warned. 

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