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Brisbane Diners Hungry For Tongue

Brisbane Diners Hungry For Tongue

DINERS are licking their lips for tongue, with the secondary cut of meat flavour of the month on restaurant menus.

As eateries look to increase minimal profit margins on dishes and customers embrace the nose-to-tail eating philosophy, the offal is fast becoming a favourite with chefs and patrons alike.

“It’s made its comeback because of chefs having to think outside the circle and look for alternative cuts that we can make a bit of a margin on,” said Paul McGivern, owner of South Brisbane’s new La Lune Wine Co, where veal tongue is served with pumpkin, cress and miso.

Mr McGivern said skyrocketing beef and lamb prices caused by huge overseas demand meant it was no longer viable for many restaurants to offer prime cuts.

“We can’t pass those prices on to the consumer,” he said.

But diners are loving the alternative cuts, the restaurateur said, and the dish is one of the bar’s most popular.

“I’ve been surprised and amazed by the amount of tongue we sell on the menu, but not just how much we sell, but who we sell it to,” he said.

“It’s lots of young people and young females.

“There’s a whole group of 20-somethings and those in their 30s who are quite discerning, and they’ve got a good understanding of using the whole animal and not to waste anything.”

Across town at Yeronga’s Osteria Epoca it’s a similar story, with its veal tongue dish served with baby beetroots also proving a hit.

“People who do try it are loving it,” owner Lorenzo Nobilio said.

“It can be a little hard at first to get them to give it a go, but once they get it, they actually come back for more.”

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