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Australia's top chefs are being drawn to Hobart

Australia's top chefs are being drawn to Hobart

For many years, Hobart was a relatively sleepy little secret gem, but Tasmania’s capital is rapidly becoming one of Australia’s most important food scenes. 

Chefs from across Australia are relocating to Hobart to open restaurants and take advantage of the remarkable natural environment and excellent local produce. And these new culinary transplants are bringing big-city style and sensibility to Hobart’s fruitful soil and small-town charm to create a majorly outsized culinary scene.

Fitzsimmons says they were drawn by the relative affordability, sense of community, and high-quality local ingredients. “We wanted to jump on board to help create this scene, which has been blossoming so much over the past year,” she says. “I think it’s going to continue to thrive and strengthen as it attracts like-minded people who all want to escape the big-city vibe and join a much purer scene like this one.”

Chefs and restaurateurs from across Australia have been drawn to Hobart for its local produce and flexibility, but also the opportunity to build something that feels inevitably great. They’re laying the groundwork for the future of one of the world’s most promising food scenes. The changes have been so rapid that some complain of a strain on little Tasmania’s supply chain, especially for fishermen and farmers accustomed to shipping their wares to the mainland. But backyard producers have popped up to fill the gaps; growing baby turnips and heirloom squash as a side gig has become the Uber of Hobart.

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