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​Pelicano​ ​launching Frosé Garden

​Pelicano​ ​launching  Frosé Garden

Pelicano, in Double Bay NSW, has announced that next month - just in time for Spring - is transforming its terrace into a Frosé Garden,, filled with all things rose, rosé and cocktails.

Frosé is quintessentially a summer cocktail. A mix of rosé sorbet, sparkling rosé wine and fruit, it was invented by accident only a few months ago at New York's Bar Primi. It has since been doing the rounds on Instagram across the US and in Europe.

Pelicano owner Andrew Becher discovered frosé on his travels through the North America and Europe earlier this year, and says, "I wanted to introduce it to Sydney in time for the warm weather”.

On hand will be two Frosé slushy machines, serving both a fruity option and a dry wine version. There will also be a drinks list filled with rosé-infused cocktails.

How deliciously exciting... Pelicano needs to franchise and open a Frosé Garden in every state!  Starting with Melbourne please!

The Pelicano Frosé Garden opens Friday, September 23, and will operate throughout Spring and Summer. For further information, please visit pelicano.com.au.

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