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Submitted by Exactitude CRM on 30/11/2020

A poor quality product and unsatisfactory response to compaint.

Overall Rating

I was very disappointed with the quality of their self-branded Egyptian Cotton sheets. After being laundered they were wrinkly, difficult to iron and not pleasing to the touch. At AU$140 per set, these sheets were hardly cheap. I complained, but received only assurances that other customers were satisfied with the product. I have previously purchased towels from this company, and the quality was acceptable.

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Fantastic Products and Good Service

I don't write very much reviews, and this is the first time I ordered from Hotel product direct and I was very happy with the service and products I received. The customer service team was very helpful and I got my stocks much earlier than expected. Now this is what I call 'under promise and over deliver'. I would definitely recommend and order again.  Good work! 

Submitted by Hotel Products Direct on 14/02/2022

Fantastic Service

Super friendly staff and exceptional service! The quality of shampoo, conditioner and soap was fantastic. Loved the minibar range of vodka, whisky and gin. They supply fine quality commercial bed sheets and duvet covers that last for years.

Submitted by Benjamin Duncans on 11/02/2022

Wide range of Hotel Supplies

Hi everyone, I am Andrew Kloester the owner of hotel Products Direct. I am pleased to announce that we now have a new collection of Hotel Amenities for your bathrooms. It is called The Beach House Collection. We also offer beautiful towels, bathrobes, bath salts, hairdryers and bed linen. If there is anything you require please do not hesitate to ask as we would be more than happy to help you.

Submitted by Andrew K on 11/02/2022

Strong and long lasting sheets

I have been buying the 50/50 poly cotton sheeting from this mob for around 12 years. i still have some of the original sheets which have lasted magnificently. They are thick and strong and never pill, which is that balling effect some linen gets. I have just made a new purchase and am very pleased to know they still carry the same sheeting product. The staff were able to give me advice on how to best rotate my sheeting during changeovers.

Submitted by Justine Traveller on 11/02/2022