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Posted on 22/07/2017 in Announcement by Comelite IT Solutions

New Restaurant Website Project Done: Crepe Bechamel in Qatar

New Restaurant Website Project Done: Crepe Bechamel in Qatar

Just recently, I had the privilege of being in charge of creating the Crepe Bechamel restaurant website. As project manager at Comelite IT Solutions I followed the long run we had with Crepe Bechamel. Just a couple of years ago, it was first initiated in Qatar, and our sister company was in charge of the interior design. As a fan of hospitality, I've checked the interior designs of every restaurant I go to, and the impression it leaves on me, definitely decides on whether I will be back again to that restaurant or not. 

To continue, the modern French concept restaurant also gave us the honor of the logo design, restaurant packaging and branding, catchy to the eye and with a delicious unique look. 

Below, I've included some of the items we have worked on so you can take a peek of the home made restaurant located at the Qanat Quartier at the Pearl in Qatar. 

View more images of Crepe Bechamel Project

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